England is one of the best civilizations for conquering the ocean. The recommended victory type for playing this civilization is domination. The recommended map type is islands. Here are a couple of steps for winning control of the sea.
  1. Research sailing as soon as possible, and right after sailing, research optics, so you can unlock the Great Lighthouse wonder and unlock +1 more movement and +1 sight for military sea units.
  2. After you have reasearched sailing and optics, start building up on triremes. (Build some land units also, so you can not be over run by barbarians and also explore with scouts.[DON'T FORGET TO BUILD SETTLERS TO SETTLE LAND WHICH YOU HAVE DISCOVERED!!!])
  3. When possible, keep researching sea technologies, to unlock new units, and the English special unit, the Ship of the Line, may not be that far away!!!

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